Friday, 24 June 2016


 We went to the Blue Lagoon. The chalky blue water comes from deep in the earth and is here because of the geothermal power plant.  It was beautiful and hot.  They also had chalky suncreen.

Seljalandsfoss is a water fall that you can go behind.  It was really fun and wet.  

Gulfoss was a really big water fall.  We had to hike up a lot of stairs to get to the top.  It was beautiful.

At the black beach at Vik Myrdal.  All the rocks were hexagon pillars because of a volcanic eruption.  And all the sand is black.  We ran from the waves for hours.


Glacier Lagoon had tons and tons of ice bergs.  I smashed one thin sheet on my head.  Dad freaked out.   We watched them float out to ocean.  

Again he rocks are hexagon pillars.  The water has weathered the rocks. 

This is a volcanic crater that is not active.  It has a lake of water that is half covered in ice.  

We also built a snowman at our hotel.  we only had one rock for the eye.  Over night it started to lean. but it didn't melt.   

Gullfaus waterfall was huge+large+big=amazing.  It was cold too.

I really enjoyed seeing the fire and ice of Iceland.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Last Days in the UK

We ate an amazing Sunday roast with Elsie and Lillian.  You should try the chicken.  Was happy to see them one last time before moving. 

On bonfire night, Mousa let me on his hoverboard.  We built and then lit a firework that spelled "alien".  I miss Joe, Louis, Mousa and Sam.  It was a lot of fun. 

I slept over at Sam and Joe's house on the last week we were in England.  I miss them. 

We went to Funopolis and it's called Funopolis for a reason, the reason is... it's fun.  Spencer invited me to play laser tag.  It was exciting.  This is a picture of Joe and I. 

This is a picture of Spencer and I. 

Goodbye England.  It was a fun two years.  I made many friends that I'll miss. 

Wednesday, 11 May 2016


We got stuck at this place for an extra 3 days because our plane wouldn't go because of the fog.  Can you see the fog in the picture?

We had a giant breakfast.  I was very full.  We found a Nutella Bakery too.  They were both very tasty!

We saw Anne Franks Diary and where they hid.  They were Jewish and were hiding from the Germans. 

We went to an Ice Bar. It was very cold.  There was a bunch of stuff made out of ice, even the seat!  The only thing that wasn't ice was a bit of the wall.  

We went to the Van Gogh Museum. It was really really cool.  We saw a picture of him and we even saw starry night.  

Wednesday, 6 January 2016


this is MR mountain he is 473 times taller than me.  and has white hare.
Well its not really a tree.  its a tree house.  but take the ladder its easy.
This is not the ladder!
...und tschiiss Auf wiedersehen im Grooss.
Craving its harder than it looks.
What am i coking a sausage or a marshmallow?
Who know's.
This is my jack,o,lantern.  Cool right.   /  0  /    0  0   /    0 0 0    /    0 0 0 0    /                                                                                          -___- ______    - _____-     ======
Ouch this costume is to tight.
I think this kid needs some help.  but no
A a the big a a a the big a a a a aaaaaaa laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllalaaala.
The king of switzerland.
thank you for reading my blog.